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- Mr Roy Milne

- Mr Martin Hughes



Churchwardens are responsible with the Rector for the day to day functioning of the parish; these responsibilities include building maintenance, personnel matters, finance and administration.  Churchwardens are also responsible for keeping order in the church and have powers of arrest in the church and churchyard!






These are the present members of the Ministry Team:

Revd Josie Tuplin is our new curate at Holy Cross having been ordained on 30th June 2019 at Chester

Cathedral after studying at St Mellitus' College in Liverpool.  She is originally from the West Riding and moved to

Merseyside in the 1970s to study at Liverpool University.  Josie is married to Christopher and they celebrated their

fortieth wedding anniversary last year.  They have two grown-up children.  Josie, who used to be a teacher at St

Anselm's College in Birkenhead, has previously worshipped in the parish of Oxton St Saviour for 38 years and will

complete her training here at Woodchurch.

Revd Peter Mills, now an Honorary Assistant Priest, has worshipped at Holy Cross for over 50 years. After a career in

local government, he served as Chester Diocesan Secretary until retirement in 1997and was ordained two years later.                                   Over the years Peter has held a number of offices at Holy Cross, including church warden and treasurer. A Londoner, he
is married to Gwyneth and they have five adult children.







Mrs Jan Lupton, Pastoral Worker, was also born in Birkenhead. She trained as a nurse and later managed a care home.                                 Jan joined us in 2008, completed her training the following year and is licensed to the Hospital Chaplaincy as well as                                   Holy Cross. Her particular responsibility is bereavement care. She is also a talented artist. Jan is married to Brian and                                   has four adult children.






The Team is supported by Mrs Sue Treanor, who brings to the job of Parish Secretary her skills as an administrator.                                     Sue is the first port-of-call for baptism applications, funeral arrangements and general enquiries. Her job is                                               something like the triage receptionist you find at some doctors’ surgeries (we believe she’s better!), and when she’s                                   not at the Parish Office she has the mobile phone with her





We mustn’t forget Sue’s small dog, Rosie, who comes to the Office with her. Rosie is well known to frequent visitors
who are greeted by a wagging tail and lots of love, especially if they have a doggie treat to share!




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