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Baptism Service

Congratulations on your decision to seek Baptism


Here you will find information regarding your Baptism at Holy Cross:



Currently, baptism enquiries should be made via email to:


What happens at Baptism:


The service will be led by the Rector, or occasionally, by one of the assistant clergy.


Some parts of the service will involve you (the parents) and/or godparents and some parts will involve members of the congregation.


A baptism service will always include:-


  • Readings from the Bible and prayers

  • A declaration of what they believe by parents and Godparents and

  • Parents and Godparents will make promises on behalf of the child

  • Making the sign of the cross on child/adult's forehead

  • Pouring water gently over the child/adult's forehead

  • Giving a lighted candle to one of the Godparents on behalf of the child

  • Welcoming the person baptised into the Church


What happens after Baptism?


Baptism marks a new start for your child; as a member of the worldwide Christian community.  In turn, the Church welcomes your child and promises to support you in bringing the child up in the faith.


After the Baptism you are invited back to Church, usually the following month to one of our Family Services, to receive your Baptism Certificate and Candle to celebrate the time of baptism.

Baptism if the first step on the Christian journey that is a relationship between God, the child/adult, the church, parents and Godparents.


Parents and Godparents play a very important role in the

baptism service.


Others present - family and friends - also play an important part in praying for the person to be baptised and welcoming them into Church community.

Questions you may have


What does it cost:

The baptism service is free but a donation to the Church would be much appreciated to be given at the Service.  Please also see information on our Giving Page for Gift Aid information.


How many Godparents should I have:

You should have at least three.  Traditionally two of the same sex as the child and one of the opposite sex.  Parents can also be Godparents as long as there is also one other Godparent.  There can be more than three but it is important that significance of the role is not lost.  At Holy Cross we allow a maximum of six Godparents.


What is a Godparent?

Godparents and parents make the same promises on behalf of the child being baptised.  Godparents promise to "pray and support the child".  They help the parents to bring up the child in the Christian faith.  It is an important and responsible role.


What's the difference between a baptism and a christening?

None - they are just different words for the same thing.


What is the right age for baptism?

Baptism can happen at any age.  Teenagers and adults may also be baptised.


How many families are baptised during the Service?

At Holy Cross our usual policy is to have no more than 2 families at each Baptism Service which is at 12 Noon.  At busy times of year therefore you may be asked to have your child's service at 1.00pm.

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